Oh, hello dear. I didn’t even see you come in! Please, do make yourself at home. My name is Kismet, and it’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance. If you’ve come all this way to see me, then you must have a very important question! So... shall we ask the Cards, or the Stars?

Kismet is a unique daily VR fortune-telling experience. Seated across a table from an enchanted automaton with the power to see the future in the Cards and the Stars, you’ll be transported to a place where magic is real. Named after the mysterious fortune-teller at its core, Kismet is an experience inspired by the mystic arts of tarot and astrology, brought to life in a beautifully detailed, handmade, gothic style, unlike anything else available in VR.

In the pantheon of innovative VR experiences, Kismet sets itself apart by delivering an antidote to the many adrenaline-fueled hardcore game experiences that populate the current marketplace. Rather than pilot spaceships or shoot monsters, Kismet uses VR as a bridge to a more contemplative, spiritual place. Kismet was designed as a broadly inviting experience meant to provoke thought and discussion and appeal to a wide audience who may otherwise find VR overwhelming.


About the World of Kismet

Kismet is a fully immersive 3D VR experience that takes users to a far-away world much like our own, but shrouded in shadows and mystery.

The experience is aware of the movement of the moon and planets of our solar system and beyond, all of which will have an affect on your unique individual outcome.

In addition to Kismet herself, the enchanted fortune-teller at the center of the experience, you will meet Sphynx, the cat. Sphynx is a resident of Kismet’s wagon who, like all good cats, will just barely tolerate your presence as long as you leave him alone to do as he pleases.

Tarot Card Reading

Choose three cards from Kismet’s deck to receive a classic Past-Present-Future reading. Each hand-painted card has a unique and magical animation. Lean in to take a closer look!

Informed by the real-life practice of Tarot, Kismet features 22 beautifully designed and animated cards of the Major Arcana, all of which may appear in any of the three positions during your reading, allowing for hundreds of different outcomes.

Astrology Reading

Hold on to your seat as Kismet transforms her wagon into a celestial sphere, the perfect setting for gazing upon the virtual stars. Once you have entered your date of birth, Kismet will describe to you the meaning of your Zodiac sign, before taking note of the celestial events at play in that very moment. Because Kismet is based on an accurate representation of Earth’s position in the universe, each day will offer the chance of a unique celestial survey, including special insights focused on moon phases, planetary transits, solstices, and once-in-a-lifetime events like eclipses.  At the close of the reading, you’ll receive your Fortune Card including a daily horoscope and even a lucky number!

Royal Game of Ur

Centuries before the advent of Virtual Reality, the Kings and Queens of Ancient Sumer entertained themselves with the game of Ur. Challenge Kismet to a match, roll your tetrahedral dice, and take off across the board of a game so classic it derives its official rulebook from a cuneiform tablet recovered from Babylonian ruins.